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[SIGH lus] (person of the woods)-- a prominent member of the early church at Jerusalem and companion of the apostle Paul. Silas accompanied Paul to Antioch of Syria to report the decision of the Jerusalem Council to accept Gentile Christians into the church <Acts 15:22,27,32>.

Paul chose Silas as his companion on his second missionary journey. During their travels, Paul and Silas were imprisoned at Philippi <Acts 16:19,25, 29>. Silas and Paul were also together during the riot at Thessalonica <Acts 17:4>. Later they were sent to Berea, where Silas remained with Timothy; both Silas and Timothy soon followed Paul to Athens <Acts 17:14-15>, although they may not have caught up with him until reaching Corinth <Acts 18:5>. Silas played an important role in the early Christian work in Corinth.

In his letters, Paul referred to Silas as Silvanus <1 Thes. 1:1; 2 Thes. 1:1>. The time, place, and manner of his death are unknown.

(from Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary)

(Copyright (C) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers)