STEP ONE : Holy Attitudes (1:13-21)

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Read Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Peter 1:13-21.

Look at this stage in the Three Steps Of Holiness Diagram.

As sanctification. (maturing) is to do with the SOUL (mind, will and emotions), the attitude our mind has is of vital importance. This step shows us the kind of mind we must have as we endure suffering for the sake of Christ.

Our attitude is vitally important during suffering as this Illustration on suffering with the right attitude shows us.

The kind of mind (attitude) we should have in suffering is.....


The literal rendering of this verse is that we Gird up the Loins of our Mind. Click on the PopUp link to see what this means. It was also the term used to be prepared mentally for battle (the soldiers had to Gird up their Loins). Note how this concept ties in with the message of 1 Peter 4:1.

Also the term ' sober' is used - we must be Sober Minded. Click on the PopUp Link to see what this term refers to.

The last part of the verse states that our minds must ' hope until the end' (until Jesus returns). We fix our minds on the future hope. Our minds are to be full of 'grace-thoughts'.

All these terms put together show our minds must be mentally ready for all suffering we are to endure for Christ's sake. This is done by wrapping all 'flappy' areas (thoughts) around the belt (God's truth). Dwelling constantly on God's word, especially His promises of future glory.

(b) A MIND THAT KNOWS RENEWAL (1 Peter 1:14)

Read also Romans 16:19 and think about the kind of mind an obedient child has.

We have been disobedient children and our minds have dwelt on unwholesome things - by conforming to (putting itself in the mould of) the world - to former passions. What must happen for our passion to be for the Lord ? (See Romans 12:2 - this shows that our minds must be 'transformed').

A transformation must take place in our thinking. Read the PopUp definition.

We must have an attitude of desiring constantly to be obedient to God. This will cause us to undergo a transformation (renewal) in out thinking every day.


In verse 15 we see we are called (literally 'invited') to a life that is holy because that's God's nature. We must be holy in 'all manner of conversation' (i.e. in every area of our lives).

In verse 16, Peter quotes a familiar phrase from the Old Testament 'Be holy;for I am holy' (See these Old Testament Scriptures on being holy). This phrase was always used as a precursor to listing what was required of God's people to live holy lives.

We are to be holy as God is holy by keeping His Word. But our mind must know what it s required to do.

How can we ensure this is so ?


Our minds must be filled with a healthy Fear of God. According to this verse we are to fear Him as a perfect Father is feared. By his sons there is a healthy respectful fear, but those who are not his sons there may even be a dread or terror. We fear Him because he is the perfect judge of all we do. As a Father he lovingly disciplines us when we stray from His ways in order to mature us.

This should effect our thinking such that we fear displeasing Him, so out thoughts are set on His ways. We must cultivate such a healthy Fear of God in our lives.

Again the concept of us being sojourners or 'resident foreigners' is again brought up. If we consider this world as a temporary dwelling place in preparation for our homeland, we will live lives in that light - fearful of missing such a glorious inheritance that our thoughts are radically different from those who dwell on this world.

(e) A MIND THAT KNOWS REDEMPTION (1 Peter 1:18-19,20, and 21)

Our minds must grasp an understanding of the truth about redemption.

Read through these verses and note the elements of redemption we should know and actively believe in our minds.

Verse 18 shows us that our lives without Christ are meaningless and empty. All we strive after will perish. With Christ, however, we have an imperishable hope of glory. We must fix our minds on this by grasping what has been accomplished on our behalf through the death and resurrection of Christ (verse 19), by His blood.

Jesus is the fulfillment of all Old Testament sacrifices as the Lamb of God. Indeed He was 'foreordained' (predetermined) even before the foundation of the world - Jesus death was not a 'second thought' of God but was always in His plan!

The 'manifestation' of this reality was 2000 years years ago with the sacrifice of Jesus and his consequent raising from the dead (resurrection) as mentioned in verse 21. Because of Christ's resurrection we have faith and hope .

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