STEP THREE : Holy Adoration (2:4-10)

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Read Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Peter 2:4-10.

Look at this stage in the Three Steps Of Holiness Diagram.

Through our cultivation of 'holy attitudes' which necessitates 'holy actions' we are led to 'holy adoration'. Indeed, others too will be led to adore Him as we shine forth His love in the midst of adversities.

1 Peter 2:4-5 - In this passage of Scripture we see how we are to come to Jesus in 'holy adoration'. We come to Him as part of an ongoing building program! God is the Master Builder and the Architect - many scoff at His plans and have rejected the Cornerstone (Jesus) which holds it all together.

We are being built into a holy Temple - a place of adoration. The language in this section is to do with the building of a place for spiritual worship. The Church is seen to spiritually be the Temple that is being built. See these Scriptures about the Church as God's Temple.

The Temple, a place of adoration, was also the centre of God's people and a place of 'prayer for all nations'. It represents a Christian who has a heart for the world and pours out that heart in adoring service to God through prayer and consequent actions of faith, fulfilling His will in the world.

Not only are we seen as the Temple, but also we are called a holy Priesthood. Read the article on the role of a Priest and note that all Christians are now called into that spiritual role, offering up 'Spiritual Sacrifices'. What may these sacrifices be (look at the link) ?

1 Peter 2:6 - This verse is a direct quote from Isaiah 28:16 which is in the context of judgement on God's poeple (Ephraim) because of forsaking Him. Read Matthew Henry's commentary on Isaiah 28:14-22 which further outlines the context and meaning of this passage.

Believing in Jesus means that we will follow His chosen and precious way. We may suffer for believing in Him but ultimately we will not be put to shame as we will be established and built up.

1 Peter 2:7-8 quotes Psalm 118:22 and Isaiah 8:14. (Read Matthew Henry's commentary on Psalm 118:22 and Matthew Henry's commentary on Isaiah 8:14 for more details on the context of these quotes).

This passage shws the difference between the believers ( obedient ones) and unbelievers (disobedient). Those who reject Him will stumble and fall and will witness His exaltation as their judge against them at the Lord's Second Coming. They are offended by the message of the Cross and this will be their undoing.

They have been 'disobedient to the word (Logos) to which they were appointed' (appointed either to salvation or damnation).

1 Peter 2:9-10 - If we embrace Christ, the Chief Cornerstone then we become His Chosen People, His royal (kingly) Priesthood. Read the links and think about the meaning of these terms. How should it effect the way we live ?

Christians are to be a Holy Nation - a unique identity in the midst of all nations. Our true nationality is heavenly. We must arm ourselves with Holy attitudes to perform Holy actions leading to Holy adoration in ourselves and others. We 'proclaim the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.' This is is our adoration leading to others adoring Him.

We were once 'not a people' (no real identity without Christ) but now are a holy nation because we have obtained mercy (click on the link to see related scriptures).

Because of this, how much more should we live holy lives pleasing to God full of holy attitudes, actions and adoration. In the midst of suffering for Him this will show forth a powerful testimony.

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