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Left Click on the picture to the left to view the Prayer Altar Lifestyle workbook or right click to save it and print it out so you can make notes as you watch the videos below. This is the training handbook that goes alongside this course and has blanks that need to be filled in. You can only effectively fill in the blanks by watching the training videos below in order.
Left Click on the picture to the left to view the full Prayer Altar Lifestyle booklet with discussion questions for small groups. You can play the videos below and then go though the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. This is the full written text which adds on to and compliments what is taught in the videos (the course textbook).

Session One: Introduction.

See also The Altar of Blessing and Tabernacle Tour

Session Two: Word @ the Altar.


Soaking in the Word

See also Don't Give Up, Biblical Meditation 1 and Biblical Meditation 2

The foundation of building a strong and effective Prayer Altar is soaking in the Word of God. I have developed a 120 Day (four months) reading of the Bible Chronologically. This is reading about ten chapters of the Bible daily. Click on the booklet cover to the left  or HERE to view and download it. I have also developed small group discussion questions for weekly meetings in the context of a group reading through this plan together but it can be used individually too.

Click HERE to watch video about it.

Session Three: Worship @ the Altar.


See also Keep the Fire Burning

Session Four: Washing @ the Altar.


Cleansing @ the Altar.

Session Five: Wonders @ the Altar.

See also Hearing God and Testing What You Hear.

Revelation @ the Altar

Session Six: Watchmen @ the Altar.

True Intercession.

Session Seven: Weight @ the Altar.

Standing in Covenant Position.

Practical Session: Prayer Altar Experience.

Click above audio button to experience one hour live in Grace Methodist Church Feb 2017.

After viewing all six videos and doing the activities, the last lesson should be an hour of Prayer Altar Experience.