2343 thesaurizo (thay-sow-rid'-zo);

from 2344; to amass or reserve (literally or figuratively):

KJV-- lay up (treasure), (keep) in store, (heap) treasure (together, up).


2344 thesauros (thay-sow-ros');

from 5087; a deposit, i.e. wealth (literally or figuratively):

KJV-- treasure.


5087 tithemi (tith'-ay-mee);

a prolonged form of a primary theo (theh'-o) (which is used only as alternate in certain tenses); to place (in the widest application, literally and figuratively; properly, in a passive or horizontal posture, and thus different from 2476, which properly denotes an upright and active position, while 2749 is properly reflexive and utterly prostrate):

KJV-- + advise, appoint, bow, commit, conceive, give, X kneel down, lay (aside, down, up), make, ordain, purpose, put, set (forth), settle, sink down.

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