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In this section we will be looking at 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1 which reveals the thoughts of the Apostle Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, concerning a certain activity of the Corinthians ---- attending idol feast.

The real root of the problem is that the Corinthian believers were actually going to the pagan temples to partake in the meals and activities because of their WRONG VIEW OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM.

If we carefully study this whole section we can piece together what the Corinthian believers attitude may have been. They may have written to Paul the following....

"Since we all know that there is only one God, and an idol is no reality, and since food is a matter of indifference to God, it does not matter what we eat or where we eat it. Besides, we are saved and protected by the sacraments. Why can't we continue to join our friends at the big dinners at the temples ? Besides, Paul you seem to be unable to use your authority as an Apostle, so why should you restrict our 'authority' to act in Christian freedom ?"

Examine this thought pattern for a while and think about what is wrong with the above statement. We will now be looking at Paul's response and what he shows to be the nature of true Christian freedom....


Paul's Answer To The Problem.

There a five basic sections to Paul's answer which are responses to the above faulty thinking of the Corinthian on the section you want...

(i) SECTION ONE: Chapter 8:1-13.

(ii) SECTION TWO: Chapter 9:1-27.

(iii) SECTION THREE: Chapter 10:1-13.

(iv) SECTION FOUR: Chapter 10:14-22.

(v) SECTION FIVE: Chapter 10:23-11:1.

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