Alternative Outline For First Peter.

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I Peter

(Book outline from Nelson's Bible Dictionary)

 Part One: The Salvation of the Believer (1:1-2:12)

 I. Salutation 1:1-2

 II. Salvation of the Believer 1:3-12

 A. Hope for the Future 1:3-4

 B. Trials for the Present 1:5-9

 C. Anticipation in the Past 1:10-12

 III. Sanctification of the Believer 1:13-2:12

 A. "Be Holy" 1:13-21

 B. "Love One Another" 1:22-25

 C. "Desire the Pure Milk of the Word" 2:1-3

 D. "Offer Up Spiritual Sacrifices" 2:4-10

 E. "Abstain from Fleshly Lusts" 2:11-12

 Part Two: The Submission of the Believer (2:13-3:12)

 I. Submission to the Government 2:13-17

 II. Submission in Business 2:18-25

 III. Submission in Marriage 3:1-8

 IV. Submission in All of Life 3:9-12

 Part Three: The Suffering of the Believer (3:13-5:14)

 I. Conduct in Suffering 3:3-17

 II. Christ's Example of Suffering 3:18-4:6

 III. Commands in Suffering 4:7-19

 IV. Minister in Suffering 5:1-9

 A. Elders, Shepherd the Flock 5:1-4

 B. Saints, Humble Yourselves 5:5-9

 V. Benediction 5:10-14

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