LESSON 3:The Purpose of Suffering Part 2: To Mature The Christian (Overview of 1 Peter 1:13-2:12).

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(1) INTRODUCTION: The Three Steps Of Holiness In A Maturing Christian (Overview of 1 Peter 1:13-2:12)


We will now look at each step as seen in the Three Steps Of Holiness Diagram.

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STEP ONE: Holy Attitudes (1:13-21).

STEP TWO: Holy Actions (1:22-2:3).

STEP THREE: Holy Adoration (2:4-10).


Read Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Peter 2:11-12.

1 Peter 2:11-12 - This section concludes the Three Steps of Holiness by giving a brief summary.

Read Verses 11-12.

(I) HOLY ATTITUDES: We may sum up the attitude we must have as one as a holy sojourners/pilgrim. Read this Story about Eusebius (Early Church father) to see an example of this attitude.

Peter 'begs' those he writes to to have this attitude of a sojourners and pilgrimswhilst on this earth as he knows it is the best thing for them.

(II) HOLY ACTIONS: Again Peter begs them to 'abstain from fleshly lusts (passions)' and show forth actions based on passion (where the word 'suffering' is the root) for Jesus and God's Kingdom. The soul is to be saved in this age, but fleshly lusts hinder that process by warring against it!

Our actions should be such as to fight against these lusts and act in the opposite spirit. As we arm ourself with His mind (that of preparedness to suffer for good) we will be equipped to fight this battle(See also 1 Peter 4:1 and James 4:1-2).

This will lead us to have 'conduct honourable among the gentiles' - a powerful witness (greek 'marturio' where the term Martyr comes from). Read Philippins 2:15 which again speaks the same thing.

(III) HOLY ADORATION: Many will speak against us as 'evildoers' (See 1 Peter 3:16,4:14, 15 and 16 and these other scriptures), but ultimately our holy attitudes and actions (good works) will cause many others to adore Him, to 'glorify God in the day of visitation' (literally His Second Coming, but could also refer to specific seasons of visitation) - see these scriptures.

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