LESSON 6: The Practice of Suffering Part 1 (1 Peter 3:8 - 4:6)

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In this lesson we look at the correct actions to have in the midst of suffering for the sake of Christ. Peter discusses the conduct Christians are to display both within the Church and in the world in general. Then he foucuses on the One we are to imitate in suffering - Jesus himself. Peter beautifully shows how Christ set the perfect example for us to follow and fellowship in His sufferings.

This section starts up in verse 8 with the word finally(Greek 'telos') which literally means 'this is the goal' or 'this is the required destination'. Peter is saying here that this section shows the goal of all that has gone before. The goal of knowing the purposes and places of suffering is so we can conduct ourselves properly in suffering , so we can put into practice what we theologically know to be true.

(a) Conduct in Suffering.

(b) Christ's example of Suffering.

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