LESSON FOUR:Moving Into Gifting.
(1) Introduction: Gifting is the Tool Of Our Calling.

For Adam to be able to carry out his calling in the Garden of Eden he needed certain giftings. To tend and keep the garden what are the specific gifts he would need ? Gardening would be a main one and animal husbandry another not to mention numerous others!

In our calling we will see that there will be main giftings needed that the Lord has equipped us with. I dentifying our God-given giftings will show us the kind of callings we are to be involved in and knowing our calling will confirm the need for certain giftings.

(2) Different Gifting Needed For Different Callings.

Group Or Individual Activity: Look at the following scenarios and think about/discuss the various giftings you think would be needed for such a call...keep coiming back to this activity as you progress through this lesson and you will see your understanding deepen....

(a) Someone who has a call of God to the mission field from a developed to an under-developed country. Their call is primarily church-planting in unreached areas.

(b) Someone who feels called to train students for the ministry in Bible School.

(c) Someone who feels called to set up and lead a prayer house for the nations.

(d) Someone who feels called into hospital ministry (praying for / ministering to the patients.

Read again  Acts 26:15-18 and also  Romans 1:1-6 and think about/discuss what Paul's calling was and what giftings the Lord endowed him with to be the correct tools for this calling.

(3) The Gift.

God's Mission is to see maturing, functioning bodies of believers in every tongue, tribe and nation. He does not leave us unequipped in this mission but has sent us THE  GIFT - The HOLY SPIRIT.

( Ephesians 4:7)
( John 14:26). 

The  GIFTS are merely expressions of THE GIFT. We may use the illustration of the Holy Spirit like a BOX which has ALL the  GIFTS INSIDE. We need to ask the GIVER to open the  GIFT (the Box) to distribute to us as He wills.

(4) More About The Gifts.

Now continue your study by choosing your sub-topic below. When you have finished all these topics read on below them....

                What The Gifts Are Not.

           What The Gifts Are.

           Principles Involved With The GIfts.

           Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts.

(5) Conclusion.

When you have finished all of the above you should have a good grasp of the Spiritual Gifts needed in your calling (as much as the Lord has revealed). Some gifts that should be operational may be dormant due to various reasons which we will explore in the next section.

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