Contents List of Bible Times and Customs

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Page            Description

1                    Main Cover.

2                    Basic list of lessons.

3                    How to use this material.

4-8                 Lesson One -The Whys and Hows of Interpreting Bible Times

                                              and Customs.

9-15               Lesson Two - The Typical Jewish Family.

10                  Patriarchal Clan.

11                  Father and Mother.

12                  Children, Teaching and Commitment.

13                  Household of Faith, Inheritance.

14                  Jewish Slaves.

15                  Roman Law and Family Life.


16-22             Lesson Three - The Typical Scene A - Clothes & Dwellings.

17                   Biblical Clothing - Loin Cloth, Tunic.

18                   Cloak , Tassels and Sandals.

19                   Headwear, Ornamentation, Washing Clothes.

20                   Function of Clothes. Biblical Dwellings - Tent.

21                   Old and New Testament Housing.

22                   Luke 2 Retold.


23-28              Lesson Four - The Typical Scene B - Town and Village Life.

24                    Introduction. Lighting (Lamp).

25                    Lighting and Water.

26                    Walls and Gates.

27                    Gates (Cont'd)

28                    Market and Streets.


29-35              Lesson Five - A Typical Day.

30                    Introduction - The Jewish Day.

31                    Rising, Breakfast and Milling (Millstones).

32                    Baking Bread.

33                    Fetching Water, Shopping , Housekeeping.

34                    Crafts, Siesta and Evening Meal.

35                    Washing and To Bed.


36-43              Lesson Six - The Typical Jewish Year.

37                    Intro and Jewish Calendar.

38                    Jewish Calendar (Cont'd).

39                    The Farmer's Year - Rains, Stages in Crops.

40                    Ploughing and Sowing.

41                    Harvesting and Threshing.

42                    The Sacred Year.

43                    N.T. Interpretation of the Feasts.


44-50              Lesson Seven - The Typical Jewish Life.

45                    Rites of Passage - Birth, Circumcision.

46                    Birth - Naming, Offerings, Weaning.

47                    Maturity and Marriage.

48                    The Betrothal and Wedding.

49                    Death.

50                    Spiritual Rites of Passage.


51-67              Lesson 8 - Some Typical Jewish Jobs A.

52                    Introduction. Vineyard.

53                    Vineyard (Cont'd).

54                    The Process of Making Wine.

55                    The Process of Making Wine (Cont'd).

56                    The Olive Grove and Process of Making Olive Oil.

57                    Olive Oil.


58-62              Lesson Nine - Some Typical Jewish Jobs B.

59                    Fishermen - Techniques of Fishing.

60                    Fishermen (Cont'd) and Shepherding.

61                    The Good Shepherd.

62                    The Sheepfold and Sheep Shearing.



63-68              Lesson Ten - A Typical Journey and Leisure Time.

64                    Introduction.

65                    Sea and Land Travel.

66                    Hospitality.

67                    Feasting and Other Leisure Activities.

68                    Athletics and Spectator Sports.


69-73              Lesson Eleven - A Typical Warfare.

70                    A Jewish View of War. Armies in Israel.

71                    Armies in Israel - Weapons and Battle Strategy.

72                    Old and New Testament Armies.

73                    The Roman Soldier. The Victory March.


74                    Conclusion.

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