Cultivating a Culture of Blessing


For Pastor Tim's introductory videos on this topic see:

Blessing Blockers / Best Blessings/ Altar of Blessing

This series goes along with a 40 days prayer booklet. Read through the booklet day by day and play the relevant video at the start of each section. Click HERE or on the book picture to the left to view and download the booklet.

This material is based on the book The Way of Blessing by Roy Godwin.

This material is honourware , meaning you can freely download and donate whatever you think you should to honour the work.


Section One: The God Who Blesses

Section Two: Being Blessed

Being Blessed.

Section Three: Called to Bless

See also my Sermon "Being A Blessing"


Section Four: Blessing the Person in Front of Me

See also my sermon entitled "What's in a Blessing?"

Section Five: A New Life and Community

See also my sermon "A Banquet of Blessing"

Section Six: Blessing the Land

Section Seven: Blessing Regions and Areas

Click HERE for the Blessing Walk Prayer guide.

Click HERE for a video on how to practically do a Blessing Walk.

Section Eight: Blessing Generations

Click HERE for sample prayers for Blessing Generations.

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