Walk Through Israel

Compiled by Rev.Tim Gibson - Part of Rev. Tim's Bible Studies.

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Bibleland's Encyclopedia - This is a huge encyclopedia on places, people and things of Israel and Egypt
WebBible Encyclopedia - This is an A-Z dictionary of general Bible related terms.

History of Israel

Virtual Tours of Israel

Click above for the Modern History of Israel - Included are videos talking about the history of the conflict in Israel and about how Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in Israel in this generation.

Click above for History of Jerusalem

Click above to read about the

archaeology of Israel


For a video on the Dead Sea Scrolls click HERE



Click HERE for a PowerPoint Slideshow of Modern Day Israel









Click HERE to install an MS.DOS program on ancient Israeli History (tracing the conception and birth of Israel from Abraham through to the Kings of Israel.)

Click above for Ancient Sandals 

- an in-depth virtual tour of Israel

Click above for Diggin Deeper -

A simple, quick tour of Israel.


Click HERE for Bible Places - 

Bible place pictures and information.


Click HERE for a virtual tour of the Temple.

Click HERE for a picture tour of the main religious and tourist sites of Jerusalem or HERE for a slideshow of The Dome on the Rock/The Holy Sepulcher etc..



Click HERE for the Promised Land Study Tour - Rev.Tim's personal tour of Israel based on his September 2004 trip.