A huge resource of Christian illustrations, jokes and quotes in an easy-to-search format. 

Part of Rev. Tim's Bible Studies -  A Resource compiled by Rev.Tim Gibson

Welcome to Preacher's Illustrations and Jokes version 4. 

This is a huge searchable database of Christian Illustrations, Joke and Quotes for use in Christian meetings or simply for your own personal edification, inspiration and enjoyment. The source of each illustration, joke or quote has been indicated where it is known. Use the MAIN MENU banner to go to the Topics index or click on "Jokes" or "quotes" for the Jokes or Quotes index pages. The left hand frame can always be used to go straight to any one of these index pages.

Many of the illustrations contained here are distributed over the Internet. Some that purport to be truth are indeed the truth, and some are not. To look in more detail to find out if an illustration is based on truth or not, go to Truth Or Fiction.



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