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This final stage of love shows the Bride coming into full maturity in her love relationship with her Beloved. It reveals the true nature of agape (self-sacrificing) love, both in our relationship with Jesus and in a Godly marriage.

Now the Shulamite woman leans 100% on her Beloved and is totally his. The love they have is so strong that nothing can tear them apart. Here we see a beautiful picture of what quality of people God is looking for in His Church and what should constitute a mature, godly marriage. He looks for people who lean totally on Jesus and who long to bring others into this quality of relationship with Him - those who give their lives to do His will and who look towards His glorious second coming !

(a) Leaning on Him (8:5a): 

(b) Great Awakening (8:5b): 

(c) The Strength of the Love of God (8:6-7): 

(d) The Call to Discipleship (8:8-9): 

(e) The Call to Maturity (8:10): 

(f) The Lord of the Harvest (8:11-12): 

(g) The Cry For Him to Come (8:13-14): 


Here, in this section of Perfecting Love, we see the quality of love relationship Jesus is looking for in us, His End-TIme Army! As the End-Time company of believers come to a point of leaning completely on Him, sealed and protected by His strong love, reaching out in mature discipleship in the nations, each member finding their place in the harvest and all (with the Spirit) crying “COME!” - then the scene is set for the spotless Bride to be once and for all presented to her Beloved - Jesus ( Eph 5:27), when He comes again in glory and splendour.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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