(3) Overview Of The Book.

"The Song of Solomon, the Kingís song to His bride, needs to be taught and sung with revelation and power. It will wash and restore the church, as it prophetically calls her 
forth to holy passion." - Mike Bickle. 

There is a clear progression in the eight chapters of the Song of Solomon.

On a natural level, it reveals Godís purposes within a marital relationship, showing the progression of love through stages.

It is also a divine pattern revealing the progression of holy passion in the heart of the church as she is wooed and subdued by the beauty and splendour of her glorious King.

There are at least three wonderful benefits from meditating upon this great prophetic song of redemptive history....
1. If you are married or preparing for marriage, it reveals Godís will for a beautiful marital relationship and can turn your heart to your partner!

2. The Holy Spirit unveils to us the passion and pleasures in the personality of the Son of God. This new insight into the heart of Jesus captures our hearts in a fresh way, and our spirits are energized and opened to the new depths of passion for Him. 

3. As we meditate upon the Song of Solomon we identify our present position in this divine pattern of progression towards Christian maturity. As we begin to understand the purpose in Godís difficult dealings with us, we are comforted and refreshed, and our spirits are washed. This new comprehension brings increased ability to cooperate courageously and confidently with the Spiritís work in us. 

Let us now overview the book on both the levels previously mentioned....

 (a) Level 1 Overview - Love Between Husband and Wife.

 (b) Level 2 Overview - Love between God and His people.



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