Section 5:Appendix - Word Studies From The Song Of Solomon.

(1) Introduction:

This section may be used in conjuction with the study of each stage outlined in this material. Here we will take a closer look at particular WORDS in the original HEBREW text of the Song of Solomon. This is very helpful as the Hebrew language is very FUNCTIONAL and the meaning of words gives deep insight into itís spiritual interpretation.

Sometimes the english word used today has a slightly different connotation to the root Hebrew word used, and a closer look into word meanings can change our original perception of itís use in this book of the Bible.

The list of Verbs used is only a selection of the most important ones, however the nouns, colours and names are very comprehensive. The interpretations are only SUGGESTED ones and the reader should be open for the Lord to reveal further insights.

For each word the following format is used (except for names)..
(i) The word in English.

(ii) The Hebrew word used and the meaning of that word. A detailed description of the word's background is sometimes also included.

(iii) The Interpretation of the word in the context of the Song of Songs and the rest of Scripture.

(iv) The scriptural references of that word.

 (a) In the Song itself.

 (b) Selected texts from the rest of scripture.

All the words for each section are listed in alphabetical order. The English renderings are particularly taken from the New King James Version but other alternatives (from NIV and KJV) are included as much as possible.

All the names of the spices (Frankincence, Myrrh etc..) have already been interpreted in the  SPICE CHART. However, extra details are included here.

The Strongs number is included for each word so that further study may be pursued.

In the last column there are two sets of references. The first set is all the mentions of the same Hebrew word (sometimes the same word may be used in English but a different Hebrew word is used in each case) in the Song itself. The second set of references are a selection of useful cross-references which confirm the interpretation in the light of the rest of scripture.

Word studies are in the
following groups (click 
on the group you wish
to study further)....
(a) Verbs and Adjectives.
 (b) Nouns.
 (c) Colours.
 (d) Names.
 (e) The Spices.


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