How To Use This Study Guide.

Using this study guide on the Song of Solomon is quite easy. From the Contents page you can go through the material lesson by lesson. Simply click on the lesson you want to look at and follow it systematically.

At anytime you can click on 'Contents' link at the bottom of each page to return to the main outline and choose any of the links. It is best to go through in the order presented as there is a build up of thought.

If you choose a link that you want to backtrack on, simply click the 'back' button to return. This could be the case if you look at a verse or article that is not in popup box form - in most cases you will be directed to click on the 'back' button in the text itself..

To view the Bible verses for Song of Solomon (all other verses are only in NKJV - New King James Version) you can choose from four versions:

NKJV - New King James Version. 

 KJV - King James Version. 

 NIV - New International Version. 

 ASV - American Standard Version. 

Any link to a Bible verse in Song of Solomon that is mentioned in the text will take you to the Popup box where you choose the version you want and then the passage the reference is found in ( Click here to see this).

At any time you can click on the 'bookmark' option at the top of the browser to save where you have got to automatically. When you return to your study you will simply have to click on 'bookmark' again and select your previously saved bookmark.

To read the popup boxes with word definitions the four sections contain different information.......
(i)   This is the word itself with any additional meanings.
(ii)  This is the Hebrew word with definition and any additional information.
(iii) This is the interpretation of this word as applicable in this material.
(iv) These are the Biblical references to this word -
      (a) In the Song of Solomon itself (Chapter  : Verse)
      (b) In the whole Bible (Book Chapter:Verse)

For a more detailed search on the words used in the Song click on the Appendix link on the contents page. To print any page just click on the 'print' button. To print a popup window you must right-click on the window and choose 'print'. This material can be copied and pasted into your own documents as long as you keep the copyright notice attached.

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