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Mission to the Ends of the Earth

Basic Christian Discipleship

God's Passion for the Poor

Finances in God's Kingdom

The Call and the Making of a Leader

Building Church and Kingdom


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1. Introduction to the Course


2. Good News
Knowing God; the gospel; discovering that Jesus is alive and that there is grace from God; life after death; a return of Christ and the certainty of a last day.

3. Ask God
Discovering the kind of prayers that move God’s heart; move your feet and lips, and remove the enemy from our lives.

4. Preparation
Overcoming fear of witnessing and preparing our heart, our message and approach to people.

5. Lifestyle of the Evangelist
People came to Jesus from everywhere. If an evangelist will do today what Jesus did then, people will be drawn to Christ in the same way.

6. By All Means
Effective evangelism, discovering why they called Jesus a friend of sinners, being sensitive, focused, knowing where to start.

7. Equipped
Discover how God supports your testimony with the power of His word, His Spirit and more!

8. Signs and Wonders
Have you noticed how quickly the early church grew. One reason was signs and wonders from God, but are they for today?

9. Heal The Sick
Having faith to see God’s healing power and how to minister healing to people who are physically or emotionally sick.

10. Cast Out Demons
Discover why many people are gripped by evil powers and the steps to release them into blessing, in the name of Jesus.

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Mission to the Ends of the Earth

11. God's Plan For The World
From Isaiah a prophetic understanding of the last days of human history. Discover what God intends to do and what He expects of us.

12. The Great Commission
In Acts we find confirmation of God’s prophetic plan, with a promise of power to do a specific job, and a field to work in until the Lord returns.

13. The Last Command
The mission field inside us; supernatural tools for mission; understanding God’s plan and the confidence of knowing you are sent by God.

14. What Is Mission
Are you moved by the reality of eternity, and the certain destination of either heaven or hell? Are men really lost, and why? What is mission?

15. God's Missions Promise
A long time ago God gave Abraham a promise which you can inherit by faith and so become a blessing to the nations today

16. Finish The Task
Discover the many ways that everyone can help reach the ends of the earth.

17. Unreached Peoples
Unreached peoples are far from the West but next door to the developing world churches. Who will complete the Great Commission first?

18. Reaching The Unreached
Discover how to take responsibility for reaching one of the remaining unreached people groups, and see them reached with the gospel.

19. Jesus, God's Missionary
Incarnational mission; the way Jesus did it; the new missions army of today; advice on how to relate to strange new people.

20. Raising Support
Discover how to raise your missionary support by being the feet of the power of people you know.

Missionary Training Materials
Not ours but highly recommended. They deal with advanced and specialised themes which are essential to missionary preparation.

Additional Missions Course
Focusing on Unreached Peoples - ideal starter course for a church or cell.
Not our materials but we run the course for our people.

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Basic Christian Discipleship

21. First Steps
Following Jesus means repentance, being baptised, and receiving the gift of Holy Spirit, and then joining the family of God.

22. Being Sure
The Bible tells us many ways by which we may know that we now belong to Jesus. Here is a checklist for your life.

23. The Holy Spirit
Being filled with God’s Holy Spirit, not once but continually. What this means and how it can be so for you and your fellow believers.

24. Prayer
First practical and spiritual steps in prayer, from the words of the Lord Jesus Christ who was asked, "Teach us how to pray."

25. The Word of God
How to handle the living Word, what to do with God’s word, how it works in our lives, and a good way to read the different books of the Bible.

26. Meditation
How meditation in the Scriptures unlocks the treasures of God’s Word and helps you to hear his voice. We show you how to begin.

27. Hearing God's Voice
How to hear the voice of God through many different classic and supernatural ways.

28. Worship
God is looking for worshippers not just for church members. What worship is and how to worship in private and together.

29. The Life of Faith
What is faith ? What the Bible says faith has done and can do for you; where faith comes from, and how to release your faith.

30. Vision
Vision; what it is and why every believer needs vision; the enemies of vision; the response to receiving a vision from God.

31. Abundant Life
What is the abundant life that Jesus promised? God’s three steps to release it into our life, giving us victory over sin, self and Satan.

32. Being Like Jesus
Discover the beautiful nature of Jesus, and how Holy Spirit’s plan is to make you more like Him.

33. Holiness
Holiness comes not from rules but from the indwelling presence of the Spirit of Holiness; practical holy living today.

34. Laying On of Hands
One of the foundations of the faith, not surprisingly because of the impartation of power that takes place to commission, heal and bless.

35. Suffering
Reasons for suffering, discovering that persecution is not unusual, reactions, benefits where is God in suffering, hope in suffering.

36. Authority In The Church
Seven levels of authority in our lives; the divine line of blessing; what submission means.

37. Love
Find out where love comes from and how you can love all the different people that God says you should love, including yourself.

38. The Second Coming
We discover many signs in the Earth and in the Kingdom of God that point to Christ’s imminent return, and we ask how can we speed the day?

39. The Christian Spending Scandal
From the prophetic book of Haggai, the facts about Christian spending today while the hungry unreached and untaught remain unattended.

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God's Passion for the Poor

40. Why Are the Poor, So Poor ?
Is it their fault or are there other reasons? How could Jesus say, " Blessed are you who are poor? " How are the poor blessed?

41. Anointed For The Poor
God has street people high on his agenda, and here you will find out the surprising truth of who he has chosen to use to bring lasting change.

42. True Fasting
Where does fasting fit into Christian lifestyle, and does it please God. The true fast that the Lord has chosen is not to do with food.

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Finances in God's Kingdom

43. Eleventh Hour Workers
Although God gives a generous promise to the workers in his vineyard some brothers still prefer to stay outside as beggars and hirelings.

44. How Did Jesus Live ?
Was Jesus a poor man? Jesus had hungry men and a treasurer so where did the money come from? How did Paul live far from home?

45. Fight Poverty
Bible abundance, an indescribable gift, the atonement overcomes the deceit of inevitable poverty, fighting poverty like fighting sickness.

46. Moving From Famine to Abundance
How Isaac moved from famine into having enough for himself and for many others gives some important lessons in God’s ways.

47. The Currency of God's Kingdom
From Isaiah, God’s invitation to buy food and drink without money, and to receive other great blessings using another kind of currency.

48. The Keys of God's Kingdom
The spiritual warfare, speaking to mountains, commanding rivers, breaking curses, binding and loosing, persevering, giving and receiving.

49. The Kingdom Economy
A comprehensive list of God’s many different opinions about how his people can be blessed by earning, handling and spending money properly.

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The Call of God

50. First Call Is To Be A Disciple
Being where Jesus is as a disciple; loving God above all; carrying a cross; following Jesus, renouncing all to live for the glory of God.

51. The Call of God
The call of God, called to Jesus, three responses to God, three levels of knowing God’s will leading to His chosen place, from Romans .

52. Who God Calls
We usually look for the strong, clever and wealthy but God chooses, uses and changes weak, foolish, rejected and despised people.

53. Destiny in God
Refusing fate; gripping God’s destiny and planning life; seeing God’s hand and the claims of Christ; making goals and plans.

54. Perseverance
What is stopping you from entering into the call of God? Some surprising answers involving God, the devil and you!

55. Kingdom Business
Some people are called and gifted not for the pulpit but for the market. The words of Jesus explain how business is the partner of mission.


The Making Of The Leader

56. The Law of Preparation
From Isaiah lessons in discovering destiny; taming the tongue; apprenticeship; the character of the leader; and a surprising graduation.

57. Stepping Out
We learn from Saul’s great beginning what has to happen in the journey of faith after hearing and obeying the call of God, and what traps to avoid.

58. Learning To Be Faithful
From the life of King David lessons of being faithful in small things; then to the needy; and in times of loss, in relationships and finally in rule..

59. Temptations Bring Trials
Face to face with the temptations of every leader, the girls, glamour and gold; handling pride; tiredness; sexuality and money.

60. Dealing With Discouragement
The problem as the Bible sees it; reasons why we can be discouraged, and how we and the Lord working together can defeat it.

61. Overcoming Loneliness
See how Father, Son and Holy Spirit show us how diversity in a team with perfect unity is the best model for church leadership.

62. Ruling Your Time
The blessing and the challenge of time, redeeming it; spending it wisely for God, family, rest and recreation; working efficiently.

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Building Church and Kingdom

63. A Growing Church
What does a good church look like? Here are some spiritual and practical answers introducing the tree of life principle for church growth.

64. A Harvest Church
Get ready to gather the end-time harvest. And survive any opposition. Discover mother churches, cells, apostolic bases and teams.

65. A Servant Church
The radical New Testament model of servant leadership contrasted with the lordship of the secular and religious world.

66. A Multiplying Church
Jesus and Paul show us the New Testament way of making thousands of new believers into disciples without great expense.

67. A Mother Church
It is good to win one soul, but with today’s population, it is never enough. Seeds from the tree of life grow into strong church plants.

68. A Cell Church
Cell Churches overcome the problem of costly buildings, offer infinite expansion, mobilise many people and give protection from persecution.

69. A Living Church
What is the church and what happens there? Find out the answers and discover a new community and gifts from God for his people.

70. A Spirit-Led Church
Discovering who is Holy Spirit and how you can enjoy real fellowship with him. Finding out what he does and what this means for you.

71. A Militant Church
We discover two very different kingdoms totally opposed to each other. We meet the enemy and uncover his strategies.

72. An Apostolic Church
Are apostles for today, and if they are who are they, and what do they do? And if they are for today what do we do?

73. A People's Church
Mobilising every member to reach their world and the wider world, by doing what Jesus did.

74a. A Missionary Church
Having a world class church means having goals for prayer, training, giving, going and sending.

74b. A Sending Church
How you can be fishers of men, and understanding the churches responsibility to what it means to go and to send properly.

75. A World Changing Church
God wants His house to be a house of prayer for all nations and their peoples and churches.

76. A Revival Church
Revival is every believer’s dream, but how does it come ? Is it only when God chooses, or can men and women move God’s hand ?

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May Your Kingdom Come

77. The Story of the Kingdom
Deep roots and a great heritage from pre-history to Jesus, the church age with a resurrection, a judgement day and glorious age to come.

78. The Glory Of The Kingdom
Take a tour of God’s Kingdom and catch a glimpse of the beauty of the King.

79. The Coming of the Kingdom
If you want to find the Kingdom where do you look? In the past, present or future? How do you know when it is near?

80. The Blessed of the Kingdom
We look at the Constitution of the Kingdom and we find that some people are especially blessed.

81. The Mission of the Kingdom
When God’s Kingdom advances the kingdom of darkness retreats. We look for ways to redeem the pillars of society and influence millions.

82. The United Kingdom
Discovering what divides us and what we can do to answer Jesus’ prayer that we may be one and the world may believe.

83. It's Kingdom or Calamity
From Revelation a clear choice in the last days, Kingdom priorities or Babylon’s values. One is doomed to fall and a wrong decision will be fatal.

84. How to Open Your Own School of Mission
The last lesson and one that can change the world if you can embrace the idea.

85. Read and Respond to the Latest World Mission News
On the web site. Reflect on whether you can start or develop a similar outreach, write the vision you have now the course is complete. Pray for the people you read about, one by one, and if you can write to some of them to encourage them in their work.

Examination Paper
You will find this in the download package, and this is approved for use in all Schools and churches offering a Certicate of Completion for these studies.

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