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An Online course on Vision and Calling - determining the will of God.

By Rev.Tim Gibson 

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INTRODUCTION: The Big Picture.

                             STAGE ONE: God's Original Purpose.

                             STAGE TWO: The Fall Of Mankind.

                             STAGE THREE: The Cross Of Christ.

                             STAGE FOUR: Our Present Walk Of Faith

                             STAGE FIVE: Glory - Our Ultimate Destiny.

                             Self Assessment Test On The Introduction

 LESSON ONE: God's General and Specific Will.

                              God's General Will : EAGLE-LIKE VISION.

                              God's Specific Will : ANT-LIKE CALLING.

                              All Of Us Are Saved To Be Called.

                               Self Assessment Test On Lesson One

 LESSON TWO: How To See and Hear God's Will.

                              Conditions For Seeing and Hearing God's Will.

                              Faulty Hearing and Seeing.

                              Ways We Can See and Hear God's Will.

                                   (a) PERSONAL (Individual  Guidance).

                                   (b) CORPOREAL (Other Christians).

                                   (c) SUPERNATURAL.

                              Testing What We See And Hear.

                              Self Assessment Test On Lesson Two

 LESSON THREE: Outworking His Will In Us.

                              The General Process Of Our Calling.

                              Announcing, Appointing and Anointing.

                              The Process of Separation.

                              The Process of Dying.

                              Self Assessment Test On Lesson Three

 LESSON FOUR: Moving Into Gifting.

                              What The Gifts are Not.

                              What The Gifts Are.

                              Principles Involved With The Gifts.

                              Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts.

                              Self Assessment Test On Lesson Four

 LESSON FIVE: The Vision Building Questionairre.

                              Identifying Your Spiritual and Natural Giftings.

                              Identifying God's Specific Calling On Your Life.

                              Conclusions and Planning Stage.

LESSON SIX: Communicating Vision.


                      The Man And His Vision.


                            Recognizing and Seizing God-Given Opportunities.


                            Communicating the Vision.


                            Self Assessment Test On Lesson Six

Some Final Words.

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