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Bible Characters

Adam and Eve Serpent Adam, Eve and Snake

Shameful Adam

Eve Eating

Eve Noah 1 Noah 2 Abraham 1

Abraham 2

Abraham 3 Jacob and Joseph Jacob Wrestling

Moses 1

Moses 2

Moses 3 Moses 4 Bronze Snake

Plagues 1

Plagues 2

Pharaoh Pharaoh (Chariot)  Pharaoh's Mummy!


Samson 1

Samson 2 David David & Goliath

David Swinging

Daniel in Lion's Den

Daniel Praying Joseph Mary on Donkey

Joseph and Mary


Mary Shepherd and Flock Shepherd

Shepherd Sitting

Wiseman on Camel

3 Wise Men Giving Wiseman Kneeling Lazarus Pharisee 1

Pharisee 2

Jesus and the Pharisees Roman Speaker Roman Gladiator 1

Roman Gladiator 2

Roman Soldier 1

Roman Soldier 2 Preacher 1 Preacher 2

Preacher 3


Evangelist Water Baptism Bible Type

Priest Cook

Priest 1

Priest 2 Priest 3      


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