(b) Getting our Priorities right (1:4):


Caught up in ecstatic love for her Beloved she cries , “ Draw me and let us  run together.” (The most accurate translation.) This sentence shows us beautifully the right order of things. We must be drawn into His presence before we can run together with Him in the company of others.
DRAW ME = Cry of Intimacy 

RUN TOGETHER = Ministering together with Him & others.

Read  Matt 22:37-40 and think about how this agrees with the above - as we love God we will serve others in ministry (love our neighbour).

The hebrew word for ' draw' means to be 'scattered as seed' or 'stretched out' - she literally cries to be scattered as seed and stretched out beyond her limits. This should be our cry!

“The  King has brought me into his  chambers (intimate presence).’ (The Woman)

“We will be glad and  rejoice in you....” (Daughters of Jerusalem) (NKJV)

 Here we see the same progression - Because we have drawn close to Jesus, we will minister to others, drawing them into the same intimate relationship (they will also see His love is better than  wine!)


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