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(1) Introduction.

The song starts off with an expression of fervent but immature love of the woman to the man. This love is not looked down upon, but is seen to be the foundation to the rest of the Song. This could be seen as the ‘first love’ referred to in  Rev 2:4.

Many Christians either lose this ‘first love’ after their initial ‘lovesick’ experience of first becoming a Christian and falling in love with Jesus, or they have never experienced such love at all! Jesus is drawing us back to this fervent love for Him by showing us how much He loves us!

It is interesting to note that in this stage there is little movement out of his and her immediate dwellings. Only in the next stage does it become apparent that He wants her to break out of her old security. The importance of this stage is that a correct foundation in intimacy will lead to a breaking out of false securities, and a freeing into His purposes!

This first stage also shows a husband and wife what sort of love they should be expressing to one another - many married couples also have left their ‘first Love’. This foundation should have been laid in the early part of the engagement (Betrothal) that this stage represents.

This stage shows us key principles in our love relationship (with Spouse and with Jesus) as to how we can maintain a fervent love.

Our Life's Goal.

In the first four verses of this stage the maiden lays out the goal and theme of her life on earth. She desires an intimate relationship with him whose love is better to her than the best wine of the world. From verse five to the end of the song we can trace her unbroken journey in that progression of passion for her beloved.

We should make this our life’s goal - intimacy with Jesus!

(2) Immature Love - Fervent But Immature.

Choose the section you want (if this is your first go through this material it is best that  you go through in the order presented).....
(a) Loving Jesus is the best thing (1:1-3): 

(b) Getting our Priorities right (1:4): 

(c) The unkept vineyard syndrome (1:5-6): 

(d) The hungry cry (1:7-8): 

(e) His most beautiful Love (1:9-11): 

(f) Pouring out our love/receiving His (1:12-17): 

(g) We need a Grace Image (2:1-2): 

(h) Jesus is our essential source of delight (2:3-4): 

(i) Overcome by His Love (Lovesick!) (2:5-7): 

(3) Conclusion.

 Our main priority, before anything else, should be to seek intimacy with God. He will reveal His love to us as we lavish love on Him and this will cleanse us from insecurities, false expectations etc. As we cry out for Him alone to satisfy the deep longings of our heart He will overwhelm and overcome us with His presence.

If what we do is not based on a deep intimate relationship with God it is nothing at all! (unless the Lord builds the house they labour in vain!).

For further Study click here to see Hudson Taylor's 'Union and Communion' on this section of Song of Solomon.

 You are now ready for the next stage....

 Stage 2: Possessive Love.



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