(f) Pouring out our love and receiving His (1:12-17):


“While the  King was at his  table, my  spikenard sends forth it’s fragrance’ (NKJV,v 12) - Compare with  Jn 12:1-5.

She has come into his surrounding presence (see the interpretation of  'table') and starts to pour out costly affections over him. Just like Mary pouring out the alabaster jar of  Spikenard, so she now is extravegant in her adoration. We respond to his praising by pouring out our life to Him in love, worship and adoration. The spice releases a ' fragrance' - what does this speak of ?

To interpret effectively the spices (in this case ,  Spikenard) we must use the following system of interpretation.....

  Interpreting The Spices...

 It has been noted that the 9 spices in Song of  Songs 4:13-14 correspond in the order written to the 9 fruit of the Spirit in  Gal 5:22-23. At first this may seen rather presumptuous, but it is amazing how the characteristics of the spices do indeed align with the 9 fruit of the Spirit in the order that they are mentioned. As we study further you will also notice the amazing parallel. If you still cannot accept this interpretation then you can still look at the 'function' of each spice and interpret in a more general sense.

All the spices were used in anointing, perfumes and purification and theri general function was to provide anointing and a pleasing ambience. The following chart may be used in interpreting the verses which mention spices..

This chart will be available as a popup later when the spices appear in a verse.

 We see therefore that she sends forth a peaceful ( Spikenard/nard), pleasing aroma as she pours out her costly expressions of love to her beloved. We can relate this to us and Jesus.

We can let peace flow out of us because we have found peace with Him. Later we will see that this fragrance is released to the world, here it is only for the Beloved. Before we can touch the world for Him, we must have firstly spent time pouring out our affections in His intimate presence. Jesus said that what Mary had poured out in His presence would be spoken of in all the world as a testimony!

“A bundle of  Myrrh is my beloved to me, that lies all night between my  breasts.” (NKJV,v13) - In the times of Solomon women wore sachets of Myrrh on a chain round their kneck, so the fragrance was always in her nostrils.

Here, she is saying that as she pours out her love to Him, he is always pleasing to Her, as long as she wears his meekness ( Myrrh) round her  neck (strength). This bundle dangles between her breasts which speaks of the ability to nourish new life. Jesus’ meek, gentle nature should always be on our thoughts, He will always please us (meek is not weak!). As we move in meekness we will nourish others who are taking baby steps in their faith.

Verse  14 : Cluster = blessing / joy (Isa 65:8);  Henna = Joy;  Vineyard = Joy (church);  En Gedi = ‘fountain of a kid’ (Oasis off west coast of Dead Sea.)

How would you interpret this verse ? Notice that all the images used are to do with the Joy of the Lord in the Holy Spirit. If we move out into God's purposes without having experienced God's unspeakable Joy, full of glory, then we will not be as effective as God wants us to be. This is a foundational experience we need - that of the unbridled joy of the Lord. It comes through regular devotional time with Him, pouring out our hearts in loving adoration. He will respond by pouring His joy into us - the Joy of the Lord which is our strength.
Verse  15: He returns her praise by commenting not only on her beauty but her tranquil character (God sees our HEART).  Doves ( 2:12,14;4:1;5:2,12;6:9) were noted for their purity and tranquility. Click on the link for more details on the interpretation of ' Dove'
“According to Rabbinic teaching, a bride who has beautiful eyes possesses a beautiful character.” (S.M Lehrman “The Song of Songs”, in the Five Megilloth,p4) .

The  Dove is also the symbol for the Holy Spirit, the  eyes speaks of Vision. What Jesus is saying to us in this verse is that He looks at us and speaks prophetically that we have the Spirit's vision - we must claim what is being spoken over us and He will pour out revelation like never before. He will show us a 'dove's eye' view of our lives and where we are heading!

Verses  16-17: He is probably referring to the green field where they first met and fell in love. It is a ( Green  field with  Cedars and  Fir  Trees). This field has become their  bed, their  house under the beams and  rafters of the trees - Look at the interpretations of these words and you will see that they have a place of intimacy that strengthens and protects her to wage a warfare so that she becomes as a tree of righteousness, a channel of blessing to those around her . As mentioned before, intimacy with Jesus is the preparation for us to wage spiritual warfare in our God given calling, without this foundation we will surely fail.

She praises His physical appearance (handsome) and his character (pleasant). We must pour out our love to Jesus as He is always pouring out His to us. We must find that place of intimacy with him , that green field where He will impart into us the qualities that will propel us into successful ministry. Have you found such a place ? Pause to pray that this foundation may be properly laid in your life - a strong devotional life that will sustain you until the end!


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