(i) Overcome by His Love (Lovesick!) (2:5-7):


Because she experienced his expressions of love she became faint with love (lovesick). She then expressed her desire for his strengthening and his embrace. Physically weakened she needed stimulation from  raisin cake and  apples (feeding in his presence). She asks to be  sustained by these element.

Look up the Hebrew words used here and you will see that the raisin cakes represent the basics of Christian doctrine. The apples again represent a healthy devotional life. We are sustained (literally 'gotten a hold of') in our faith by initially having a proper understanding of the basic doctrines of our faith and having a regular, powerful devotional life. Many Christians go years without having these foundations in place and even end up in ministry they find wearying and unsatisfying. If these two elements are present then we will not grow weary in doing good - we will be refreshed and sustained throughout our Christian lives.

Being ‘slain in the spirit’ or ‘resting in the Spirit’ is to be in such a lovesick state - so overcome by His love and presence - he comes to strengthen us as we remain in that position (don’t get up straight away when you fall under His presence, He has a work to do in your life!).

Are you overcome by the love of Jesus. We love Him because He first loved us and gave His life to us. But how much of his’giving Himself for us’ is a revelation to us! We need to be overcome by His love...then we can really start our adventure with Jesus!

This stage ends with the familiar refrain in verse  7. She is  charging the  Daughters not to  stir up (awaken) her love into another stage until love so dictates. She is charging them by all that is true (it is a worthy charge).

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