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Having been mightily blessed and deeply loved, and then had her selfishness exposed, the Beloved comes to her as a Mighty Warrior to take her deeper into Covenant relationship with Him (this is where they have their  Espousals (Marriage) and we see the Wedding Procession). 
Although it is a joyful occasion, there is much pain as she has to leave many things that have been dear to her (childhood home etc..) and learn to open herself up, like a closed garden letting itís beautiful fragrance go forth to bless many. This time she actually ventures forth further and receives painful blows from those who have helped her before. But she seems willing to endure pain just to break forth out of her comfort zones to follow the one she loves.

This section speaks of a time in our relationship with Jesus where we make the decision to step out with Him, following Him no matter what the cost. He will fight on our behalf and give us all the affirmation we need just to open us up to Him and to the World.

Also this section shows the need for Ďadjustmentí for newly weds. The man must help the woman leave behind her childhood home and cleave to him (see  Gen 2:24). Also the man is seen to be a strong lead and an example (Warrior) for her to follow in the painful time of adjusting to a new life. Much affirmation of her physical beauty and personality is needed at this time ( Songs 4:1-11).


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(a) Join in the Triumphal Procession (3:6-11):

(b) Jesus - Affirmer of the Brethren (4:1-5):

(c) Embracing the Cross (4:6-7):

(d) Equipping the Soul for Tests Ahead (4:7-11):

(e) The Secret Garden (4:12-15):

(f) Submitting to His Dealings (4:16-5:1)

(g) Resolving Indifference (Unprepared) (5:2-6):

(h) Enduring the Rejection of Other Believers (5:7-8):



We can see in this section that the only way out of selfishness in our relationship with Jesus (and our spouse) is to go the way of the Cross - to join in His victorious procession/ end-time army through a painful decision to follow Him no matter what the cost. This will lead to feeling distanced from Him and rejection by others, but in the long run will lead us into POWERFUL LOVE (see next section)!

For further Study click here to see Hudson Taylor's 'Union and Communion' on this section of Song of Solomon.

STAGE 4: Powerful Love.


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