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This stage of Powerful Love is born in the Bride’s heart after she has endured much pain and has made a decision to sacrifice all just to follow her beloved. He has withdrawn his presence and those who should have helped her have hurt her! But we see her saying to the Daughters of Jerusalem (those not awakened to fervency) in effect :
“If you find my beloved, tell him I’m not angry. I’m not offended because he withdrew and let all this happen to me. I love him. I’m lovesick, not angry!” (Songs  5:8) 

When the lord sees this beautiful response in us, even when we are walking in the midst of the fiery test, He exclaims’”Yes! Yes! That’s the heart of My Bride!”.

It is this quality of Powerful Love in the Bride that causes the Beloved to call her ‘Awesome as an  Army with  Banners’( 6:4,10), and she sees that her desire for Him has placed her on His war  chariots ( 6:12) in a mighty company! - She is seen (by Him, by herself and by others) as a WARRIOR.

Also, we see in this stage that her main desire is to do her beloved’s will. She herself goes to the harvest field ( 6:11) and even calls Him to come with her ( 7:11-13) which is an amazing turn around in her heart. Powerful love has exploded in her life which only grows stronger. But this Powerful Love is born out of much pain and trials. It’s the same in our lives. When we come to the same point as the bride here, of loving Him and telling others about this love even in the midst of great pain and suffering, where He seems so distant, then we’ve entered into Powerful Love.


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(a) The Most Powerful Testimony (5:9-16):

(b) Bringing Others into Intimacy With Him (6:1):

(c) A Revelation of Where He is (6:2-3):

(d) The Bride Becomes an ARMY (6:4-13):

(e) Living For His Pleasure Alone (7:1-10):

(f) Co-Labourers With Him (7:11-8:4):

(g) Bearing His reproach (8:1-4):


When we endure pain and rejection for His sake, even speaking to others of His love and beauty in desperate times,totally committed to Him, we step into the ranks of the end-time army! We willingly go into the harvest field, to accomplish His purposes not because we have to, but because we want to. We live for His pleasure alone, bearing His reproach!

As we labour with Him to reap the harvest, other believers across the nations of the world will come to love Jesus as we do - this leads us into the next chapter......

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STAGE 5: Perfecting Love.


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