SECTION 4: FINAL WORDS - Summarizing the Song!

(1) Introduction:

 In the light of what we have seen from the Song of Solomon we will now look at brief, succinct summaries of the Song on the two levels mentioned at the start of this course.
Level 1 : Actual Wedded Love. (Love between man & wife)

Level 2 : Love between God and His People (i.e. Yahweh’s love with Israel, Jesus’ love with the Church (and also individuals)).


(a) LEVEL 1 : Actual Wedded Love.
“The Song of Songs is a beautiful picture of God’s ‘endorsement’ of physical love between husband and wife. Marriage is to be a monogamous, permanent, self-giving unit, in which the spouses are intensely devoted and commited to each other, and take delight in each other. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (Gen 2:24). 

The Song of Songs shows that sex in marriage is not ‘dirty’. The physical attractiveness of a man and woman for each other and the fulfillment of those longings in marriage are natural and honourable. But the book does more than extol physical attraction between the sexes. It also honours pleasing qualities in the lovers’ personalities. Also moral purity before marriage is praised (eg.  Song 4:12). Premarital sex has no place in God’s plan ( 2:7;3:5). Faithfulness before and after marriage is expected and is honoured ( 6:3;7:10;8:12). Such faithfulness in marital love beautifully pictures God’s love for and commitment to His people.” John.F.Walvoord, Roy.B.Zuck, “Bible Knowledge Commentary - O.T.”, p1025. 

(b) LEVEL 2: Love between God and His People.

In this course we have not looked particularly at how the Song of Songs depicts Yahweh’s everlasting Love for natural Israel. God has not finished with Israel! The Church is not the spiritual Israel in the sense that it replaces Israel. Scripture clearly shows that God still has His purposes for natural Israel and the Jews. But we don’t have time to explore Song of Solomon’s rich insights about God’s wooing and drawing of natural Israel. Perhaps another time!

What we have concentrated on is the relationship of Christians with Jesus, both corporately (The Church as the Bride as Christ) and as individuals as part of his Church.
“Let me encourage you to take the Song of Solomon and turn its verses into devotional meditation. This beautiful song of divine love is breathtaking when we begin to understand the prophetic nature of it’s words. They are life changing when we realize our beloved is also speaking them over us, affirming and drawing forth qualities not yet fully developed in our lives. 

Oh, that God would give us new eyes to see His affectionate, yearning heart for us while we’re still growing, still failing, still weak in so many ways. Never allow the truths in God’s beautiful love song to be forgotten and fade away in your heart. Cherish the message of His love for you. Jesus enjoys you and continually affirms you even in your imperfection and immaturity. 

Knowing He is enchanted with your beauty fills your heart with new courage and confidence. Understanding the affectionate personalities of God equips you to wage war against the enemy and to demolish the lying, accusing strongholds he has erected in your mind. Resting in the sure and certain knowledge of God’s ravished heart and overflowing, unwavering love will enable you to stand unoffended, unshaken and mature in times of trouble or persecution. Understanding that the powerful passions in the heart of God Himself are the source of holy passion in your own life ensures the continuing progression of your passion for Him. 

As you have seen in the Song of Solomon, God pursues you with a relentless, infinite love. Do not let this truth grow cold in your heart. God is not some mystical, nebulous force that loves the masses but not individuals, whose love is focused on vast populations but not on a single person. You serve a deeply loving, passionate God whose heart is ravished by the beauty of your sincere, devoted heart. You are so beautiful to Him that you take His breath away! 

I believe that in the years to come the Lord will release more revelation of Himself through the Song of Songs, the ravished song of the Beloved for His bride.” M.Bickle,”Passion for Jesus.”,p133-134 


In conclusion, we can see that, contrary to what many Christians think, Song of Solomon is a highly practical and understandable book of the Bible. It’s message is timeless, both in relating the importance of pure love in a marriage relationship and in prophetically speaking of our own love relationship with Jesus and Israel's with Yahweh.

What I have laid out in this material is just ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Please don’t leave it at where this material has ended. Instead, take the truths learnt here to delve deeper and deeper into this beautiful song of love. There are so many more wonderful truths that the lord can highlight to your Spirit as you prayer fully meditate on this magnificent melody of marvellous love!

May this song be ever fresh upon your lips and in your heart, and may the lord take you deeper into His presence and lead you on in His will through your pilgrimage of Love as revealed in the Song of Songs!

Even so, COME!

Now you can do further study by looking through the
Section 5:Appendix - Word Studies From The Song Of Solomon.


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