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(1) Introduction.

The Song now continues with the Beloved (man) showing another aspect of His personality. He comes to draw her out of her familiar, secure surroundings and into His dangerous but exciting purposes (over the mountains to the harvest fields!).

He initially came to her as her blesser, now he comes as her draw-er.

 Many Christians don’t mind Jesus being their blesser, but when He starts to draw them into His risky, dangerous but exciting purposes, they draw back!

 In this section we see the woman being possessive of her beloved, dictating to Him where He should be, rather than following Him (see  3:4).

All of us will go through this stage, where we cry “My Beloved is Mine, and I am His”( 2:16) .This should change to the cry in  6:3 and  7:10...look these up and comment on the difference in word order....

But the fact is that Jesus still loves us even in this possessive stage, and will continue to draw us into His passionate presence and purposes!

(2) Possessive Love - "Jesus Is Mine".

Choose the section you desire (best to go through in order)....
(a) Calling us out of our Comfort Zones (2:8-9):

(b) Spring Time has come - The Harvest is Ready (2:10-13):

(c) "You've heard My Voice - Let Me hear yours!" (2:14):

(d) Catch the Joy-Robbers (2:15):

(e) The cry for being seperated to Jesus (2:16-17):

(f) The fear of losing Him (3:1-4):


After the initial outpouring of love and blessing by the Beloved,He now distances Himself in order to draw her out of her comfort zones.

 There is seen to be a ‘barrier’ seperating them (her selfishness), but He diligently comes to speak prophetically to her that the time of Spring, the time of Joy and harvest is here. It’s time for her to rise up into His purposes!

She does arise to find Him because of her fear of losing Him, but on finding Him she doesn’t follow Him but pulls Him into her comfort zone!

 Likewise, we see Jesus will come highlighting how selfish we are as He comes to draw us out of our hiding places. But we see our selfish nature runs deep - Jesus just keeps on coming to us and loving us, even when we fail Him time and time again. He keeps speaking to us through his Word, through His servants etc. about the readiness of the harvest - we can see the signs all around us that now is the time for us, the Church, to rise up from our comfort zones and follow Him into the harvest.

“Behold,I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest.” Jn 4:35

 For further Study click here to see Hudson Taylor's 'Union and Communion' on this section of Song of Solomon.

 You are now ready for the next stage....

 Stage 3: Painful Love.


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