(a) Loving Jesus is the best thing (1:1-3):


The song starts with an exuberant declaration and desire for the Beloved's love: “Let him  kiss me with the kisses of his  mouth.”(NKJV,NIV) - This is the cry for a deep intimate, fervent relationship. A kiss speaks of this close intimacy. The Greek word for worship is ‘proskuneo’ which means ‘to kiss towards’. - He kisses us ( Lk 15:20) and we kiss Him ( Ps 2:12). Let’s kiss Jesus!

Look up the Hebrew word for ‘ kiss’ as used in the Song and you will see it is also used for putting on armour in preparation for warfare! Our intimacy with Jesus prepares us for spiritual warfare ahead. Without this desperate, intimate longing for Jesus we cannot effectively progress to the other stages of love. God wants firstly to restore a level of love that will be a strong foundation in our Christian walk.

To 'Kiss' Him we must:
 (a) Spend time with Him. 

 (b) Keep our mouths closed (silently wait for Him). 

 (c) Allow Him to get very close (no secrets - be transparent). 

 (d) Receive his 'kiss of life' by releasing our emotions to Him. 

“For your  love is better (more delightful (NIV)) than  wine.” (NKJV) - Jesus’ love is better than all the  wine (joy, satisfaction, experience) of this world. Is this true in your life ? Do you desire His intimate presence more than all other experiences in life ? 
What do you think verse  3 is speaking of (in terms of Jesus) ? (NB: ‘Name’ in scripture denotes the person’s character and authority, ' fragrance' speaks of the anointing of the Spirit, ’ Ointments’ speak of that which is pleasing to behold - look up the Hebrew words by clicking on the links.)

He pours out His very character (name) into our lives and it is a pleasing thing to behold, releasing His anointing in our lives! We must allow Him to do this by believing that His name is above every other name , every other experience pales in comparison with being with Him. Because of this 'the  virgins love' him - who are they ? Are you numbered in their company ?


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