(d) The hungry cry (1:7-8):


The feeling of insecurity in the woman aroused in her a desire for her lover’s presence. There is a cry in her heart to be fed - this should be our cry. She wants to know where He  feeds His  flock (committed Christians) (Cf.Ps 23). 

This is interesting because she has just declared that she feels unworthy to be shepherded - but the revelation of who she is in her Beloved's eyes has caused her to desire his nourishing, blessing presence. We too may feel unworthy to be shepherded by Jesus, indeed this is the entry point into His presence - a humble, bowed down posture of recognising our own unworthiness before Him. But as He reveals more of Himself to us we see that we are special to Him and confidence arises to join his  flock, to be where He is and they are.

She wants to know where they find REST (siesta time at midday!). His answer is that she should follow in the  footsteps of the more mature (‘ flocks of her  companions’ = those who love and obey Him) - DISCIPLESHIP. We must have this desire to enter His rest - He will guide us into fellowship with 'companions' where we will indeed find this rest in our spirits and follow in His Will ( footsteps).

Otherwise she will become as ‘as one who  veils herself’ (either like a prostitute ( Gen 38:14-15) or one in mourning ( Ezek 24:17)) - without proper nourishing fellowship, rest in the Lord and moving in His Will we will prostitute ourselves spiritually before the world (get involved in activities that grieve the heart of God). We will have mourning spirits instead of joyful, pure, exalting spirits.

We need to be involved in discipleship, to be discipled and become a discipler, or we will miss out on God's best. Many Christians go to church and even attend home fellowships, but few are involved in active, intimate discipleship. Jesus is not looking for converts, but disciples. Disciples are those who rise up with a maturity due to a father-son relationship with a mature Christian they have developed - they are those who rise up as sons to gain the inheritance God has for them in the nations.

Pause now and pray that you would be a true disciple. Ask Him to lead you into this.


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