(e) His most beautiful Love (1:9-11):


“I have compared you, my love, to my  filly among  Pharaoh’s  chariots.”(NKJV) - a filly is a female horse,but Pharaoh’s chariots were pulled by stallions (males) -What then is this talking about? (NB.Horses were considered a symbol of grace and beauty in Solomon’s time. The Hebrew word for  Filly (or ‘mare’) comes from the root meaning ‘to skip for joy.’ (Cuwcah)).

He is telling her that she is as beautiful and sought after as if she were the only woman in a world full of men! That’s how Jesus sees us (and what husband’s should tell their wives!). We can be skipping for joy in our every day walk with Him, knowing we are special in His sight. Just as Pharoah's horses had a purpose in his army, so we too have a purpose in God's Kingdomand we are created to run swiftly in that.

Verse  10 is a further statement of her beauty (enhanced by jewelry) -  Gold  Chain = Authority,  Cheeks = Love, Kneck = Strength,  Gold = Divine nature.

Because of her desire to be blessed, led and fed by Him He sees her as one having authority, full of love and strength and with a pure, godly character. If we have this same burning desire then these statements will be true in our life too!

Verse  11 shows that even others are forced to recognise her beauty. Those that probably laughed at her and looked down on her as she laboured shamefully in the wrong vineyard are now seeing a different woman! She has been restored to confidence, not in herself but in her Beloved. It is our confidence in Jesus that transforms us into a beautiful witness before others.
SUMMARY: She had felt so self-conscious about her appearance that the lover praised her physical beauty so that others would be forced to agree! 

Have you been feeling self-conscious about how you look to others ? Let Jesus speak His words of love over you are restore your confidence so that others will be startled by the change.

 How does He speak to you ? Meditate on the words of the Beloved to the Shulamite and hear the same words spoken over you by Jesus!


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