(h) Jesus is our essential source of delight (2:3-4):


She is seen as an ordinary plant, but she sees him as a delightful surprise, a rare find (i.e. an  Apple  Tree in a  Forest). He is unique, sweet and fragrant. His  fruit is wonderful to taste. Look up the interpretations of these image - ( Apple tree = symbol for the devotional life). 
We see that we are to have a devotional life that is constantly feeding on His presence, delighting in Him. This will raise us up to truly be a tree of righteousness , part of the army of trees He longs for us to join! Later (in Powerful Love) we see she does become an Army, but this is only because this foundation of a regular time of intimate devotion to her Beloved is laid here.

Here we see three aspects of the blessings of delighting in Him - we may relate these three points to our relationship with Jesus, and also to our relationship with our spouse/ spouse to be......
1. Protection (in his shade) and nourishment ( fruit..sweet..to..taste) She felt protected by Him and rested in that protection. When we delight in Him we will know His protection and nourishment. 

2. They cultivated the kind of relationship that allowed them to know each other intimately. Taste= knowledge of someone through intimate personal experience - cf. Ps 34:8

3. She appreciated the fact that he let others see his love for her.
Banner = a military standard - easily seen by all the troops (the power of love). Solomon’s  love for her was easily seen by anyone who observed their relationship. This should be true of us on both levels. (Banner also speaks of coming under His authority.). 

The House of Wine.

He is not ashamed of us, but delights in us. One way he shows us His love is by taking us to the banquet hall (‘ house of wine’) in the palace - this speaks of his EXHILIRATING PRESENCE - (Place of great joy, celebration and feasting.)

The  House of Wine is a public place of celebration. Previously she has been delighting in his presence alone, now he takes her into a public display of love. Before we can truly worship Jesus in a congregation of believers (Church service) we must have a powerful worship experience with Him in our own personal devotions. Is this true in your own life ? Ask the Lord to draw you deeper into this experience.


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