Teacher: Pastor Tim Gibson Bsc, BATh, MRE

The concept of Prayer Altars is Biblical and has been practiced by believers since the Church was born at Pentecost. However, the teaching and usage of the actual term “Prayer Altars” started in Uganda in the 1980s under the ministry of John Mulinde. After years of teaching and practicing this teaching Uganda was transformed from the world’s worst country with AIDS to a model country showing others how to recover from AIDS and even the President became a Christian. John Mulinde and his team then went to other countries to teach this concept and other countries adopted it and were greatly helped, especially Taiwan.

In 2015 a team from Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah) (COSBT) went to Taiwan for training in Prayer Altars and brought it back to Singapore. From 2016 onwards COSBT staff and members and others started building their own Prayer Altars and there was teaching to many other churches in Singapore and other countries who started doing the same. We started witnessing individuals, families, churches, and businesses being transformed for His glory all over Singapore and the nations, not instantly but through a process of applying the Prayer Altar principles.

Pastor Tim is originally from England and earned a degree in Chemistry from Imperial College, London, but was called into fulltime Christian service whilst a student there and joined World Horizons (WH) mission organization based in South Wales in 1987. He came out to Singapore in 1988 to get his degree in Theology and has stayed here from that time working with WH until 2001 and then as a pastor in COSBT since then. He is married to a Singaporean Chinese, Shendy, and has three children all born and bred in Singapore – Melody, Gideon and Matthew.

This course presents these Biblical principles and helps us to put them into practice as a Prayer Altar Lifestyle. This lifestyle will draw the presence of God, push back the darkness, and bring transformation in lives and in the land!

The Theme Song: Come Build an Altar

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The course sessions are as follows:

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Session 1: What are Prayer Altars and Why do we need them?

Student notes for session 1

Session 2: Outer Court Activities (Word, Worship and Washing).

Student notes for session 2

Session 3: Inner Court Activities (Wonders, Watchmen and Weight).

Student notes for session 3

Session 4: The Altar of Blessing (Altars as Channels of Blessing).

Student notes for session 4


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